Villages and NORCs

Villages and Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) are two ways in which entire communities come together to support independent living and aging in place.


Villages are local, volunteer-led grassroots organizations that aim to support residents of the community who choose to age-in-place. The idea is simple: neighbor helping neighbor. Each Village is unique and reflects the character, interests and needs of the community that creates it. Currently, more than 150 Villages are operating across the country, with over 120 additional Villages in development.


  • are run by volunteers and/or paid staff
  • coordinate access to services such as:
    • care coordination
    • health and wellness programs
    • transportation
    • educational and social activities
    • cooked meals for a sick neighbor
    • small home repairs
    • volunteer opportunities
  • Respite (a break for family caregivers)
  • offer vendor discounts to members
  • may have a membership fee to access all benefits
    • membership is often restricted by a geographic area (neighborhood or community)

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Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs)

A NORC is a geographic area (neighborhood or community) that has older adults who have aged in place, and have chosen to remain in areas that are familiar to them.

  • Many communities have developed NORC programs to serve older residents by providing social and health services tailored to their specific needs.
  • NORCs are often partnerships of housing/neighborhood organizations, residents, health and social service providers, and other community stakeholders.
  • Each NORC program provides a unique set of services.

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